Why Korean Beauty?

Both beauty industry insiders and consumers have given Korean beauty their stamp of approval. You don't have to look far. Just count the increasing number of Korean beauty products carried by Sephora - from brands owned by Amore Pacific (South Korea's equivalent of L'Oréal & Estée Lauder) to cult K-beauty brands such as Dr. Jart+, the world is nothing short of obsessed with Korean beauty. In fact, global and award-winning market research provider Mintel dubbed K-beauty a global trendsetter, calling them Asia's beauty powerhouse. So why the allure?

It's simply that Koreans are one of the world's most demanding beauty consumers. Case in point: what does BLACKPINK's Lisa, crowned the Most Beautiful Asian Woman, and BTS's Jimin, have in common: a diligent skin care routine, and the use of sheet masks and other Korean beauty products. While that relentless pursuit for clear, glowing skin is taxing, it is this continuous quest for beauty perfection that has made the Korean beauty industry a global leader, authority and trendsetter.

Underlying all of that, is a voracious global appetite for Korean beauty that, according to Gartner L2, is worth an estimated $13 billion, which in turn, continues to help fund the extensive R&D in the Korean beauty industry. With thousands of beauty brands all competing for market share, we here at Kosmetiks, seek to help you separate wheat from the chaff, and provide you with a simple one-stop destination for all things K-beauty.


With Love,

The Kosmetiks Team