Our Kuration© Process

We are proud to say that we are extremely meticulous and demanding when it comes to our extensive assessment and selection process. This means that we are confident that everything that arrives on your doorstep has been rigorously evaluated for safety, quality, and effectiveness.




Step #1 - Local Sourcing

Starting in South Korea and Japan, we seek out cult sensations: beauty products with a religiously loyal following, from established brands to trending upstarts. We scour the web using technology, walk the streets visiting store by store, catch-up with our panel of top dermatologists, leading aestheticians, medispas and brands themselves. We find, visit, engage, repeat, to constantly stay on top of the latest korean beauty industry developments.


Step #2 - Real Feedback

We are careful not to attribute quality with celebrity endorsements or marketing spend. What we are looking for are real products used and loved by real people. We don't shy away from studying the latest reviews from authoritative beauty experts such as Vogue, Allure & Elle, or starting conversations with consumers and ensuring we are asking all the right questions to clearly understand their motivation and devotion.


Step #3 - Formulation Evaluation

We are advocates for natural and gentle ingredients that are soft on the skin and provide a peace of mind. If we don’t like what we see in the formulation, the product doesn't make it past us and onto our site.


Step #4 - Beautiful Experience

A good product should produce results - but lush textures, alluring scents, innovative and green packaging come together to provide a completely delightful beauty experience no one would say no to.


Step #5 - Genuine Commitment

We think it’s important to know the people, team and soul behind a brand and product. By personally engaging and speaking with the people and team of each brand, we seek to ensure that they are committed to the highest standards of safety and quality. As a matter of fact, we avoid brands whose products are not driven by real beauty research and development, as we staunchly believe that products should begin with the foundation of proven beauty science.


Step #6 - We Test

We are your front line and test everything ourselves first. Our founders and staff personally test and review the products across dimensions and performance metrics including but not limited to formulation, safety, texture, scent, packaging, experience, - and most importantly, results. We bring the products home, exclusively use them on a daily basis for a predefined period, to account for control variables and the most accurate analysis.


Step #7 - For Everyone

Everyone is different, and we recognize and acknowledge that. That's why we try to ensure that the products are tested by focus groups consisting of participants of varying age, ethnic groups, and skin types for the most exhaustive testing process. Only the highest peer-rated products with no adverse reactions are selected and made available.


With Love,

The Kosmetiks Team