$193 SGD

120 capsules (vegetarian)

What it is:

Japanese NMN 10000mg
- proven to slow down aging process and to reverse your body age by repairing body cells damaged by aging
Rose Petal Extract 6000mg
- Natural oral UV blocker, whitening, antioxidant
Swan's Nest Extract 1800mg
- EGF-like substance (epidermal growth factor)
- Synergistic effect of collagen and hyaluronic acid
Fish Collagen 4584mg
- skin anti-aging and firmness
- strengthening bones and joints
Ceramide 120mg
- moisturising effect 
- beautiful skin and whitening effect
Niacin 2484mg
- healthier skin 
- anti-hangover effect
- better blood circulation
Astaxanthin 240mg

- Improve body to be healthier and younger
- Whiten and hydrate your skin 
- Promote skin firmness 
- Boost your energy level
- Increase metabolism rate
- Repair skin and hair cells
- Improve brain function 
- Promote healthy heart and organs
- Revitalize reproduction
- Improve muscle function
- Treat eye aging and injury
- Enhance DNA repair 

It supports healthy aging and NAD production. It supports energy metabolism and healthy brain function. It supports cardiovascular health. It provides antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage. It’s safe-guaranteed vegetarian health supplement manufactured in GMP certified factory in Japan.

Solutions for:
- Antiaging 
- Dull and uneven skin
- Skin ageing and wrinkles 
- Age-related adipose tissue inflammation
- Low metabolism and energy level due to aging
- Obesity and diabetes

How to use:
Recommended to take 4 capsules a day in the morning in empty stomach with generous amount of water 

Product of Japan

Expiration date: 

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